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Transavia Boeing 737-800 wants to take off on a taxiway, prevented by air traffic control

On 6 September, a Transavia Boeing 737-800 (PH-HSJ) operated flight HV 1041 between Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Chania, Greece. The aircraft taxied in northerly...

Japan Airlines fined €300,000 by US DOT for violating tarmac delay rules

Japan Airlines (JAL) has been fined $300,000 by the U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT) for violating tarmac delay rules. On two occasions, the...


Brussels Airport inaugurates two new spotting platforms

Along with hundreds of plane spotters and officials from the neighbouring municipalities of Steenokkerzeel and Zaventem, Brussels Airport has inaugurated two spanking new plane spotting platforms. Apart from offering a great view of the airport, the platforms allow aviation enthusiasts to engage in their favourite...